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Lutron Lighting
Controlling Mood and Ambience

A better quality of life.
Lutron Lighting can create a unique environment that reflects your client's taste and way of life. Encouraging them to design with lighting in the same way as they do with paint and fabric, colour and texture could increase the opportunities to build your business. With Powercom we understand the many advantages of controllable light and the optimistic effect it will have towards domestic and commercial lighting appearances.


Benfits from Commercial Lighting
High Wycombe & Slough

  • Especially important for modern hotels and restaurants
  • Dimming saves electricity
  • Extend the life of lamps
  • Reduces maintenance and waste disposal costs
  • Set light levels for specific tasks, in offices & conference rooms
  • Reduce glare and eyestrain for increased employee productivity
  • Eliminate dark pathways during off-peak hours

Opportunites With Commercial Lighting
Maidenhead & Aylesbury

  • Add more value with the same amount of work
  • From fitting single dimmers to lighting control systems
  • Dimmers can transform the mood of any room
  • Lutron dimmers are attractive, practical and reliable

Multi-Scene Preset Lighting Control System | Controls All Modern Sources Without Interfaces

Set the scene. The secret to great lighting is being able to control it. Match your activity or mood to your visual enviroment. Set the lights as you need them and the setting is automatically saved as one of your custom scenes. Retrieve it later at the touch of a button; no individual switches or dimmers to adjust again and again.grafik 3000

Home Automation

Control every light in the room with a single touch. Use with infrared controls sold separately. Control up to 48 lighting zones with 8 main units chained together. Add wall station controls to provide multilocation control. Interface with home theatre systems and window treatments using control interfaces.

lighting system

Experience The Difference
Control a multi-room audio system

  • Define 4 Scenes and 6 zones of light.
  • Define and preset the lighting scenes for multiple uses, simply.
  • Control all the lights and shades without remembering settings.
  • Fade between settings so your eyes adjust comfortably to lighting changes.
  • Control light from any point in a room with infrared wireless remote controls.
  • Control multiple types of lamps: incandescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, fluorescent, and neon/cold cathode.

Lighting and monitors
Home Works takes the scene concept to a whole home level of integration. Each zone is wired to a power module remotely located in the home. Keypads are linked back to a central processor which manages the communication throughout the system. In addition, you can easily integrate to other subsystems in a home such as security, or activate lights automatically via a time clock.

Remote controls &
Accessory Dimmers

lighting remote

Lyneo tm slide to off (sto)

  • Slider to changes light level
  • Single: 40-500/Dual: 2 x 40-250W
  • No derating
light dimmer

Lutron Commercial Lighting & Home Automation

Powercom will make the Lutron lighting system the only lighting control you will ever need to specify. With an ease of programming it will be simple to adjust lighting in various arrears and as versatile for home automation as it is for commercial lighting. If you require more information on Lutron lighting, home automation & commercial lighting that Powercom provide please call on;
High Wycombe: 01494 529 888 | Maidenhead: 01628 525 034 | Slough: 01753 437 838

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